Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another random thought.

This generations music sucks.  Big time.

I remember in the 90's, the only real "pop star" was Britney Spears, and even she had DECENT music.

Lady GaGa is just a representation of everything that I hate in the world.  She uses electronic effects to no avail, abuses autotune, and makes music about sex.  Its sad, that most of this generations population will know nothing better than this horrible stuff we call "music".

What are your thoughts?


  1. I agree with you, it's all garbage today.

  2. I find that yeah, the mainstream stuff sucks big wang, but eventually once the popularity of it dies down I won't lie, I like it.

    It's the fandom that makes a lot of music blow.

    As for Gaga, she's just trying to be the Madonna of the 21st century, and it makes me hate her.

  3. Bullshit is all that blinds my vision.

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  4. Exactly!

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  5. The GaGa is actually catchy, but I do loathe what she represents.

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